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What is an affirmation? In the world of psychology, affirmations (specifically positive affirmations) are uplifting or reassuring statements people say to themselves to rebuttal negative or dysfunctional thoughts. This will make more sense if I describe an example:   Tim is a perfectionist office worker. However, he recently made an…

Great Meditation Apps

Feeling anxious? Stressed? Overworked?  One of the best coping mechanisms for anxiety and stress is meditation. Meditation involves monitoring your breathing patterns and focusing on a desired outcome. It is often a great supplement to therapy and is easy to do on your own. People often avoid practicing meditation because…

How to Cope with Coronavirus-Caused Mental Health Concerns

Today, it feels like everything has changed—it’s either been closed, postponed, or canceled. Some states have officially shut down. You’re working from home, while watching your kids (and trying to teach them). You haven’t seen or hugged your loved ones in weeks. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit..

Is It Important to Say “Please” and “Thank You” to Your Partner?

We’ve been taught by our parents that it’s important to be polite. We’ve been told that saying “please” and “thank you” are necessary to show respect and appreciation. But how far should we take that? Is it important to extend such politeness to our intimate partner? Or is there an.

10 Quarantine Activities That Don’t Involve Watching the News

Captain’s Log. Day eight of quarantine. Work has been busy; I’m grateful for the technology we have to collaborate and continue business during this time. I have walked around the block seven times today. I wonder how many days in a row I can eat frozen jalapeno poppers for lunch.

Building a New World

Usually, each day we wake up we can predict how our day will go. We have an outlined schedule that we follow, and we adapt to adjustments throughout the day because they are often minor. We establish a routine that makes us feel safe and comfortable. Routines give us a.