Many people have heard of mindfulness. Mindfulness is commonly known as focusing on the present moment, your environment, while accepting your feelings, thoughts, and body sensations. Using mindfulness and being in the present moment is important to help manage and reduce other stressors in life. This is important because stress can be bad for your mental health and impact your life. Mindfulness can help with this!


Mindfulness can be used by bringing yourself to the current moment, environment and your feelings, which helps people let go of worry and stress when thinking about the past and future. This means that you are focusing on what is happening now in your life and your environment. For example, you can use mindfulness right now by understanding and acknowledging that you are reading this and knowing your feelings while reading this! Becoming more aware of what is happening now, your current environment, your current feelings and thoughts has helped a lot of kids and adults get through their daily routine with reduced stress. People of all ages can learn how to use mindfulness! Using mindfulness and focusing on your current environment, situation and feelings can lead to more appropriate thoughts and feelings about things such as school, jobs, relationships, and other personal aspects. 


You can use mindfulness by following this: 

Step 1: Take deep breaths and relax as you breathe out. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. 

Step 2: Drop all your worries and concerns. Let all of your thoughts slip away.

Step 3: Bring more focus to breathing and relaxing. 

Step 4: Start counting your breaths slowly.

Step 5: Continue to focus on your breathing and dropping your worries and concerns.

Step 6: Do not drift off with the thoughts moving through your mind.

Step 7: Stay focused on your deep breaths and heartbeat.


By following these steps, you are able to let go of worries, concerns and other stress while putting more focus on the present moment. For example, you might have a test or important event that is coming up. With mindfulness, you can calm yourself down and control your levels of stress by focusing on the present moment! Living more in the moment and focusing on things happening now instead of focusing on other things in the future or past means that you are using mindfulness! If you are using mindfulness right now, do you feel less stress, worry, or concerns about things in the future or past?


Mindfulness does not get rid of negative thoughts and feelings. Instead, it lets you focus on your current sensations that you have in your current environment that allows you to have less stress and makes it easier to face the world with a brave and strong heart! Mindfulness can be practiced by anyone and anywhere at any time. Especially when you feel stress. It might take a while to get used to it, but don’t worry! With practice anyone can do it!

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